Smart cipher boxes

At LUMEN ID we recommend that smart card keys do not reside on access control readers directly.

As an added layer of security and to eradicate any risk of readers being stolen and keys taken away or extracted, then its best practice to use an optional smart ’Cipher box‘. The cipher box holds the keys independently and resides in a secure location between the card reader and the door control panel.

Features at a glance

  • Optional Cipher box holds DESFire smart card keys for maximum security
  • Removes key storage completely from the reader
  • SamX module – enables protected cryptology and secure key management
  • Cipher box for use with Deister electronic card readers
  • Sits between card reader and door control panel & utilises existing door cabling
  • Cipher box installed in a secure area
  • Converts Wiegand to highly secure serial communications
  • AES encrypted communication to the card reader and controller
  • Interfaces ensure integration with customer legacy access control systems in parallel with state-of-the-art EV1/EV2 technology

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