Secure smart card readers

We supply a range of highly secure smart cards readers from leading manufacturers including Deister Electronic.

Reading either single or multiple technologies simultaneously, our preferred range of readers make it possible to easily migrate from a legacy technology to a more secure card technology.


Readers are often used in conjunction with optional ‘smart cipher boxes’ which independently hold smart card keys away from the reader at the door.  This eradicates against the threat of key extraction or signal sniffing along unsecured cables.

Features at a glance

  • Deister RFID online readers (PRx5 / KPx5 / PRD5 / PRL5)
  • Single or dual frequency versions available for ease of secure technology migration
  • Processes all common chip technologies in the 125 kHz and 13.56 MHz market
  • Updatable memory to load future card technologies, cryptology protocols etc.
  • Colour and design can be changed at any time using replaceable covers
  • With or without keypad options
  • IP rating – IP65 (Non-keypad) / IP54 (Keypad option)

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