LUMEN ID’s range of Photo booths are designed to automate and improve the access control credential production process and are available in three options; A traditional, conventional fixed photo booth, a wall-mountable kiosk booth or a transportable flight case option.

As well as easing the costly burden of ID units and dedicated personnel, they also have the benefit of eradicating human error, improving image quality and can ensure a consistent photo quality is taken irrespective of changing environments.

So how does the traditional photo booth work?

The conventional photo booth features a user friendly, configurable touch screen interface with audible voice prompts that guide the user seamlessly through the image capture process. Users simply validate their identity at the booth by scanning their passport or a similar form of identification. They then key in a security PIN number to confirm their details.

Using the latest advances in image processing technology, four images of a consistent size and quality are captured for review. The photo booth camera automatically adjusts for pass holders height, however the user is guided by the audio help if any positioning adjustments are required. If the user is not sitting in the correct position when the image is taken then any inconsistent photos will be automatically disregarded from the capture software. The user then selects the desired image for credential printing.

Customers can choose whether to print the badge directly at the booth so there is no human intervention required, or they can print the badge behind a collection desk where a final manual check is made.

Features at a Glance

  • Configurable audio prompts are available in multiple local languages
  • Connects to multiple security management systems
  • Camera automatically adjusts for pass holders height, and if they are sitting forward or leaning back
  • A flexible Photo booth credential capture 'workflow' can be tailored to individual organisations processes.
  • The system can also be configured to prove the attendance of the cardholder during the process to add another level of security to the process.
  • Available in three options, a conventional fixed booth or in more space constrained environments as a wall mountable device or a transportable flight case.
  • Photo booths can be purchased as a standalone product or can be used as part of Lumen ID’s complete credential management solution.
  • Capacity to print up to 1,000 ID passes daily.
  • Photo booths can be purchased as a standalone product or can be used as part of Lumen ID’s complete credential management solution.

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