Credential/key management server

With the development of logical key based access control systems it is vital that 'key' management and credential lifecycle strategies be developed.

Questions such as how the credential keys are generated, how they are kept secret and how they are disseminated in global corporate environments require robust answers to ensure that security is maintained.

That is why Lumen ID developed the central Credential Management Server. Credential Management Server supports the remote secure creation of credentials.  Used in conjunction with Lumen ID’s range of printer encoders, a credential management server enables global credentials and smart cards to be issued and printed in a secure, highly encrypted, standardised manner across the corporation.

Credential Management Server links to existing access control / HR databases and centrally manages and automates the allocation of unique identifiers to each credential.  It controls all the key elements in the secure solution and checks that ‘key’ activation cards, card number ranges and secure printer encoders are all correctly assigned to the appropriate access control server.

The software enables global enterprises with multiple access control systems deployed to have one umbrella server for printing and encoding a common, secure credential.

Features at a glance

  • A central server to manage the allocation of unique identifiers to global credentials
  • Link to HR systems & existing access control / security management systems.
  • In enterprise applications connects to the corporate database to retrieve user information.
  • Connects to databases from different database vendors and allows configurable connections to multiple databases at the same time.
  • Ability to produce multiple card formats for different access control / cashless vending / follow me printing systems
  • Enables the registration and activation of card printer encoders (where cards are used as the form of credential).
  • Centrally create card number ranges to issue new card numbers.
  • Controls all the key elements in the Lumen ID secure credential solution including Printer Encoders, Blank Cards & Card number ranges.
  • Query workstations can enable the auditing of credentials and the running of reports
  • Not only have we the ability to work with multiple access control systems, but we also have the ability to customise the product exactly to customers specific requirements.

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