Example Accountancy firm

A large accountancy firm realised that they had a problem with card cloning.  After initial consultation LUMEN ID proposed a secure smart card technology and developed a credential transition plan.

This required the replacement of 800+ card readers and the bulk re-issue of 18,000 dual technology credentials over a six month period.  Dual technology was opted for to make use of the client’s current cashless vending systems and to allow for a more seamless migration to the new secure credential. The LUMEN ID ‘credential bureau service’ also cleansed the customer’s database for issues such as name changes and duplicate / out of date card records.

Using LUMEN ID’s unique printing and encoding solution, cards were then uniquely encrypted and encoded exactly to the client’s customised requirements and subsequently tested against a LIVE database to ensure 100% successful rollout.

LUMEN ID Accountancy Firm customer

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