Belfast Smart Cards rebrand as Lumen ID


Belfast Smart cards rebrand as LUMEN ID

Belfast, 11th January, 2017 – LUMEN ID Ltd (previously known as Belfast Smart Card Solutions) is leading the way in secure access control credential management and can today announce that they have re-launched a new corporate brand identity.  LUMEN ID credentials take the form of smart cards, biometrics and/or a mobile form of credential.

“The repositioning of our brand marks the growing realisation in the security industry that secure card technologies and practices are needed to combat against card cloning and common customer problems such as duplicate access control cards and technologies across multiple sites”, said George Redpath, Joint Managing Director, LUMEN ID Ltd.  “With the increase in card cloning occurrences it’s fair to say that in general the industry has witnessed a loss of trust in access control credentials and for over five years now we have successfully been assisting customers’ transition to more secure access control technologies that cannot be copied”.

George continued “As part of our restructure we are also delighted to announce that Andrew Fulton, ex co-founder of CEM Systems and an experienced senior leader in the electronic security industry has joined LUMEN ID as Joint Managing Director”.

“Having worked with George Redpath for many years at CEM Systems/Tyco I am delighted to join the LUMEN ID team at this pinnacle time,” said Andrew Fulton, Joint Managing Director, LUMEN ID. “Working with leading access control manufacturers, LUMEN ID resellers and technology suppliers such as Deister Electronic, I will assist with ensuring that global customer credential projects are delivered on time, on budget and using as much of their existing security infrastructure as possible. There is no one size fits all approach – we offer a customised credential solution and will only make credential recommendations to suit each unique project whether that be an airport, international bank or hospital”.

With the nature of access control credentials changing, LUMEN ID have designed highly secure end-to-end solutions and industry best practices that allocate a unique identity to each credential.  Using LUMEN ID’s credential management software, encrypted printer encoders and anonymous ‘Key Generation Ceremony’ techniques,  the end result is a highly secure, uncompromised credential for staff and visitors that can be used for access control, follow me printing and cashless vending systems.

LUMEN ID offers a range of services including credential management consultancy, card cloning / site penetration tests and a credential bureau service that assists with the bulk reissue of smart cards & credentials during technology replacements.