Our Vision

"Through the development of innovative security techniques and using the very latest technology, our vision is to ensure that your access control credentials remain uncompromised, either now or in the future".

Most legacy access control cards and smart cards in the industry today are easily copied and cloned.  This has created the growing realisation that many access control ID passes are therefore compromised and vulnerable to attack.

Whether you are using smart cards, biometrics or a mobile form of credential, we quickly move your current ‘at risk’ solution to ‘highly secure’ and offer a seamless, customised transition process that utilises as much of your existing security solution as possible.  With minimum cost and upset to your business in mind, your existing access control system can remain untouched, yet become totally secure.  We only change the parts of your security solution that has become compromised such as the ID cards and/or card readers; thus minimising operational disruption and staff re-training costs.

LUMEN ID Access control credential management_Vision


  • 30 years proven experience in the deployment of global access control, smart card credentials
  • We offer practical, cost-effective solutions to combat against card cloning (using as much of your existing security system as possible).
  • Relationships with leading access control manufacturers & suppliers including Deister Electronic
  • We can seamlessly manage your smart card migration, offering initial credential consultancy right through to a secure bureau service to assist with card reissue.
  • We can help you create a single, highly secure, global access control credential irrespective of the use of multiple card technologies and/or multiple access control systems per region.
  • Our products include highly secure smart cards & readers, self-issue photo booths and secure, encrypted printer encoders.  A central LUMEN ID credential/key management server has also been designed to centrally manage smart card keys and third party cashless vending systems.


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